The LOR-200 is a family of fully portable stand-alone OTDRs. The instrument is integrated in a Windows XP based PC-platform with touchscreen interface. The LOR-200 is based on Luciol’s novel scanning photon-counting technology (US patent #7,593,098). It achieves a superior dynamic range, and allows high resolution fiber characterization up to a total distance range of 160 km.
The ν-OTDR is our highest resolution instrument. Sub-ns optical pulses and Luciol’s high speed detection technique make fiber optical testing with sub-cm resolution possible. The high refresh rate of the instrument allows real-time monitoring of optical fibers. The measurement is done in windows of 200 m or 800 m (depending on the type of detector). This window can be set to any user defined position up to a total measurement range of 40 km.
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