Represented in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Ducommun RF Products is a design, engineering and manufacturing company which serves the avionics, communications, defense, industrial, medical, and test equipment markets. Ducommun design and manufacture RF/Microwave coaxial switches; pin diode switches; switch matrices; video switches. Their Millimeter Wave products include amplifiers, antennas (horn and patch), mixers, oscillators, multipliers, passive waveguide components, Doppler & ranging radar sensors, up/down-converters along with Sub-Systems and Integrated Assemblies.

Gould Fiber Optics is a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of premium passive fiber optic components and specializes in fully tested integrated solutions.

Represented in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland

Alroy Microwave is producing waveguide solutions for the commercial and military sectors and has been doing so since 1966.

APEX Technologies design and manufacture fiber optic and digital measuring instruments, like different types of optical spectrum analyzers and hand-held optical power meters. Their uniqueness lays in their different approach, means and accuracy of testing high speed optical components and systems not matched by any of its competitors within the same price- performance ratio.

ARS Products is your source for Radio Frequency (RF) Signal Distribution and Switching equipment as well as specialized Beamsteering and Beamforming equipment.commercial and military sectors and has been doing so since 1966.

The worlds leading supplier of high speed optical sources. Calmar Laser is an innovator of fiber laser and fiber amplifier solutions for the needs of research institutions, universities, and industry.

Has extensive experience designing and manufacturing Ferrite Isolators and Circulators since 1987. Frequency range 100 MHz to 40 GHz.

GigOptix designs and manufactures high-speed circuits for optically connected communications and storage systems. GigOptix optical modulator drivers and receivers go into 10G and 40G transponders and transmitters, the subsystems that are part of central telephone station hubs, as well as datacenters.

Designs and manufactures radar-based sensor components for industrial and commercial applications.

IntelliConnect is a very different kind of connector manufacturer. They specialize in doing custom RF connectors, and are flexible and agile and committed to providing world class solutions to all customers interconnection issues, and service levels that are ‘second to none’.

Luciol is active in the field of fibre optic measurement and instrumentation. Luciol have a core expertise in photon-counting technology, which enables a new class of Optical Time-Domain reflectometers. These OTDRs have extremely high spatial resolution, which is impossible to achieve with conventional types of OTDRs.

MWD designs and manufactures custom made surface mounted synthesizers. 2-20 GHz, narrow banded.

A leading supplier of low-loss RF cable assemblies and microwave components.

Designs and manufactures a complete line of high-performance components and subsystems for the microwave electronics community. In Denmark MicroComp Nordic now also sell Miteq Satcom products.

Backed by decades of experience in the design of Noise Sources and Instrumentation for telecommunications, Noisewave is a complete supplier of specialty Noise Components and Test Equipment. Noise is their focus, their business... Noisewave can provide you with high quality standard and custom noise test solutions to meet commercial and military wireless applications.

Phase2 Microwave LTD are world leaders in the design and manufacture of microwave filters and microwave diplexers, from research and prototypes to high volumes.

Specialist Microwave Solutions provides a flexible repair service for all types of microwave component. Obsolete components, or those no longer supported by the OEM, can be repaired by experienced engineers, frequently without recourse to original specifications or drawings.

One of the most advanced thin film circuit and interconnect manufacturers, a partner in the development and manufacturing of integrated circuits that benefit from less expensive and more versatile materials and processes than traditional semiconductors. Their UltraTechnologies are leading the Thin Film industry in terms of innovation.

Represented in Sweden

Diamond is the worlds leading manufacturer of high-precision fiber optic connectors, and successfully serves the telecommunications industries of numerous countries worldwide.

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